Merry Christmas and some Early New Years Resolutions

by hihih222

Merry Christmas! I probably won’t have access to a computer on New Year’s, so here are my New Years Resolutions(at least, the one’s applicable to this blog):

1. Become a financial statement wizard. I’m at a stage where I’m great at value investing in concept but the practice is tough for me. That’s not to say I don’t get a thrill from investing, but I  definitely still don’t understand a lot of the finer details of accounting(like inventory accounting or pension accounting) that I need to know in order for my research to be more complete. I’m going to read Financial Shenanigans and Quality of Earnings and try to apply those concepts.

2. Get into the research. This blog has been more of a brief twitter type place for the last few months. That will end with this year. In 2013 I hope to hop onto the value blog train and bring my blog up to par in terms of the research quality and full length ideas that value bloggers have come to expect. Of course, It will also help me a lot to flesh out my research instead of simply adding to my never ending stock watchlist. I think I started to get where I want to be with my most recent post on Qlogic, but I hope to make that type of post the rule instead of the exception next year.

3. Around May, I’ll get my first brokerage account, and I’ll run my portfolio through this blog. That will allow me to reason out every portfolio decision that I make, and it will give me an easy reference journal of my portfolio decisions at the same time.

I’ll be back in next year! Till then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!